Benefits App

The one-stop app that helps employees
focus on their benefits all year long.

Keep employees engaged and interested in their benefits year-round.

The Benefits App helps employees focus on their benefits during open enrollment and beyond! It’s a must-have tool that adds value to any agency, offering customers a virtual solution that employees want.

Company-Branded Experience

Each employee gets a company-branded experience that gives them access to their employer’s benefits guide, group updates, carrier info, and more!


Push Notifications

Send reminders to the employee’s mobile device about open enrollment, benefit awareness, value add services, or preventative care.

Education Materials

Teach employees about their benefits offering at their own pace! The Benefits App gives them access to a vast library of videos that’ll help them make educated decisions about their benefits.


Personal Information Storage

The Benefits App stores health information locally in-app, making it easier than ever to access insurance cards and other medical information.