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Online Benefit Enrollment

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Our Platform

Our enrollment technology offers a better way to manage your employee benefits. Whether you’re looking to increase benefit awareness, simplify enrollment or improve productivity, we can help you provide a comprehensive benefits program while engaging and educating your employees.

  • User Friendly
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Product Videos
  • Reporting Tools

Benefit Technology That Works For You

THEbenefitsHUB demo video can offer a better understanding of what the system is and how it functions. For a more in-depth look, get in touch with our team to set up a full webinar.

24/7 Benefit Access

For employees, our online benefit enrollment platform provides a simple and easy to navigate benefit election process. Employees can enroll at their own pace and from wherever they’d like, whether that’s at home or at work. Our online benefit portal delivers important benefit information with 24/7 access, as well as detailed plan information, rates and product videos, helping to empower employees to make educated benefit decisions.

AICPA SOC Certified

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of securing personal and dependent enrollment information. We maintain HIPAA compliance with our daily administration, integrated billing and online benefit enrollment software and are AICPA SOC certified.

Carrier Exports

Our benefit technology team exports directly from our online benefit enrollment system in a data file feed format that makes benefit administration easier for employers. Carrier exports reduce employee call volumes by providing quicker and more accurate information to insurance carriers.

Payroll Imports

Successful payroll imports increase productivity by eliminating manual data entry and reducing payroll errors. The online enrollment process allows employee benefit elections to be easily imported into your payroll system. Our programmers and quality assurance representatives assist clients in customizing successful payroll files and provide payroll import files in the format and frequency that meets their needs.

THEbenefitsHUB Key Features


Employees have the freedom to enroll from anywhere. Our system is intuitive and has the ability to limit coverage options based on employee eligibility.


Plan administrators have access to a variety of reporting tools and payroll integration options to assist in the organization of their overall benefits management.

Data Transmission:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows for electronic and secure data transmission between the carrier, system, and plan administrator.


Detailed product videos and plan descriptions are displayed throughout the system to help educate enrollees on their entire benefits catalog.


Because data security is of the utmost importance, THEbenefitsHUB strives to exceed regulated HIPAA standards in all data transfers.

Company-Branded Experience

Each employee gets a company-branded experience that gives them access to their employer’s benefits guide, group updates, carrier info and more!

Push Notifications

Send reminders to the employee’s mobile device about open enrollment, benefit awareness, value add services or preventative care.

Education Materials

Teach employees about their benefits offering at their own pace! The Benefits App gives them access to a vast library of videos that’ll help them make educated decisions about their benefits.

Personal Information Storage

The Benefits App stores health information locally in-app, making it easier than ever to access insurance cards and other medical information.

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